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Project Magus Volume #02, Issues 7 & 8 (Digital) Available Now!!!

That's right! All of Volume #02 is currently available in a digital format. Click the links below to grab your copies today!


Project Magus Volume #02 is LIVE on Kickstarter!

You heard right! The new campaign is officially live on Kickstarter.

You can check it out today using the link below.

Click here to view the Kickstarter


Ancient sorcerers are re-emerging and trying to destroy modern civilization as we know it.


Our current technology isn’t enough to stop them, so Central Intelligence initiates an operation called Project Magus, which is the integration of Magic into modern combat.

The story centers around Corporal Victoria Lopez, a United Nations Marine with a haunting past.


Victoria discovers an extraordinary ability that aids her and her allies against these overwhelmingly powerful Spell Casters.  



You'll follow Cpl. Lopez and her squad mates as they combat this deadly adversary while uncovering the mystery surrounding her new found power.


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